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CCA Haiti Emissions

Berkeley Air is a part of a team with Oregon State University, the University of Colorado, Climate Solutions Consulting, and the Haitian Energy Institute to collaborate with the Clean Cooking Alliance to provide key data to support evidence-based decision making for the new market development initiative in Haiti. Primary objectives include: quantifying baseline and improved technology emissions; quantifying household fuel…

Kitchen Performance Testing Certification Training for DelAgua Rwanda, a social benefit organization

Members of Berkeley Air’s technical team traveled to Rwanda for two weeks in May and June of 2019 to complete a formal training in the Kitchen Performance Testing Protocol for roughly twenty District Managers at DelAgua Rwanda, a social benefit company interested in solutions for reducing household air pollution, and providing clean drinking water, among other initiatives. After a resounding…

Kitchen Performance Test and Stove Usage Monitoring of Inyenyeri Customers in the Kigeme Refugee Camp

Berkeley Air undertook a comprehensive assessment of fuel use and technology adoption of improved cookstoves and pellet fuels in 200 refugee households in Kigeme Camp, Rwanda. Berkeley Air utilized a cross-sectional mixed methods study design which included survey and instrument-based monitoring for households throughout the camp, including Inyenyeri’s customer base.

Evaluation of an improved cookstove in households in Zambia

Berkeley Air supported an improved cookstove project to conduct a survey to determine rates of stove usage and loss among beneficiaries and to measure the fuel efficiency of each stove vintage using the water boiling test (WBT). Results were used to develop a methodology for forecast greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Assessment of Nepal Consumer Needs, Preferences, and Willingness to Pay for Improved Cookstoves: Kitchen Performance Test and Stove Usage Results

In this project Berkeley Air applied technical field testing methods to explore questions about adoption and fuel efficiency for a group of improved cookstoves in Nepal that were being evaluated as part of the United States Agency for International Development-funded WASHplus project: Assessment of Nepal Consumer Needs, Preferences, and Willingness to Pay for Improved Cookstoves. Berkeley Air initially trained and…

User perceptions of carbonized agricultural waste briquette fuels in Haiti

Berkeley Air conducted a qualitative comparison of charcoal and carbonized agricultural waste briquettes to gauge user acceptance by households and food vendors. We utilized qualitative data collection techniques including interviews with closed and open questions, as well as accompanying observations.