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Black Carbon Cookstove Emissions: A field assessment of 19 stove/fuel combinations

The aim of this project was to a) investigate the black carbon output of two new cookstoves in a field setting in Cambodia during emissions testing conducted by Berkeley Air Monitoring Group and b) present the results of that testing alongside 17 archival cookstove data sets from several locations in Asia and Africa to contribute real-world black and organic carbon…

Quantification of black carbon emissions factors from cookstoves using archived filter samples

Berkeley Air partnered with colleagues from IIT Delhi, Colorado State University, and the Clean Cooking Alliance (then the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves) to conduct a field assessment of 19 different stove and fuel combinations using two new cookstove field assessments and 17 archived cookstove datasets from Cambodia, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, and India.

Cookstove Testing, Training, and Technical Assistance: Impacts of household energy programs on fuel consumption in Benin, Uganda, and India

Berkeley Air conducted an assessment of the impacts of household energy programs on fuel consumption in Benin, Uganda, and India. The team utilized rapid, stove-based in-field LPG evaluation techniques using Kitchen Performance Test protocols and technical monitoring of CO emissions.

Quantifying the Climate, Air Quality, and Health Benefits of Improved Cookstoves: An Integrated Laboratory, Field, and Modeling Study

This study is a collaboration between Colorado State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Berkeley Air Monitoring Group under the EPA STAR Grant for “Measurements and Modeling for Quantifying Air Quality and Climatic Impacts of Residential Biomass or Coal Combustion for Cooking, Heating, and Lighting”.