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Rwanda: Project on Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves

Berkeley Air is providing consulting to Portland State University on designing and implementing health-based evaluations of cookstoves as well as on measuring household air pollution and exposure for a pilot on water treatment kits and improved cookstoves.

Assessing the Impact of Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves on Drinking Water Quality and Household Air Pollution: A Randomised Controlled Trial in Rwanda

AuthorGhislaine Rosa, Fiona Majorin, Sophie Boisson, Christina Barstow, Michael Johnson, Miles Kirby, Fidele Ngabo, Evan Thomas, Thomas Clasen
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Carbon Finance Water Filter Review

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group collaborated with Professor Jay Graham from George Washington University to review the usage assessment methods of a Gold Standard carbon-financed water filtration project.

Guatemala: Baseline Kitchen Survey

Between July and August 2012, Berkeley Air teamed with its field partner Universidad del Valle (UVG) to support a carbon finance project in Guatemala developed by Stove Capital, The Paradigm Project, and Impact Carbon, and implemented by Socorro Maya, CEMEX, and Ecofiltro.