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Jacaranda Health Kenya Field Study

Berkeley Air is providing expertise to an exposure assessment for pregnant and new mothers in informal settlements in Nairobia, Kenya, as part of an implementation science program funded by USAID. The ultimate study goal is to produce an activity- and location-based characterization of exposures to air pollution for mothers and children. We are partnered with Jacaranda Health and Population Services…


Berkeley Air is carrying out a research project entitled, “Effectiveness of improved cookstoves (ICS) in regular cooking in reducing the exposure to indoor air pollution compared to traditional stoves” in Bangladesh. We aim to assess the effectiveness of improved cooking technologies in reducing personal levels of exposure to indoor air pollution, which impacts the respiratory health of families. The project…

Using personal exposure and stove-use monitoring measurements to estimate the health impacts of the Envirofit HM-4000 improved cookstove in rural and urban Honduras

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group conducted an assessment of potential health impacts of the Envirofit HM-4000 improved cookstove in rural and urban Honduran homes. The team used light-scattering and filter-based household air pollution instruments as well as stove-use monitoring instruments to characterize use and impact of the improved cooking technologies.

Evaluation of Acceptability and Sustainability of Improved Stoves and Their Impact on Indoor Air Quality and Child Health in Rural Western Kenya

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group trained and led local staff to collect field data to assess effectiveness of several improved stoves in reducing indoor air pollution and personal exposure. The team characterized dimensions of acceptability and sustainability of those improved cooking technologies and their impact on indoor air quality and child health in rural Western Kenya.

Ethanol as a Household Fuel in Madagascar: Health Benefits, Economic Assessment, and Review of African Lessons for Scaling-up

Berkeley Air led indoor air quality and exposure monitoring part of consortium for assessing feasibility of ethanol-fueled cookstoves. We collected field data on cookstove performance, indoor air quality, and personal exposure to compare ethanol to other local cooking options.