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Ghana: Monitoring for Carbon Finance

Berkeley Air and our field team implemented a baseline carbon study for Toyola Energy Limited’s charcoal coalpot stove. The study characterized fuel use patterns across Toyola’s customer base and measured fuel use to compare traditional and improved cooking technologies.

Mali: Monitoring for Carbon Financing

Berkeley Air conducted carbon monitoring for Katene Kadji, a stove manufacturer in Bamako, Mali. Katene Kadji is receiving carbon offsets from the sale of its improved charcoal stoves.

Guatemala: Baseline Kitchen Survey

Between July and August 2012, Berkeley Air teamed with its field partner Universidad del Valle (UVG) to support a carbon finance project in Guatemala developed by Stove Capital, The Paradigm Project, and Impact Carbon, and implemented by Socorro Maya, CEMEX, and Ecofiltro.

Improved stove programs need robust methods to estimate carbon offsets

JournalClimatic Change
AuthorJohnson, M., R. Edwards , and O. Masera
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New approaches to performance testing for improved cookstoves

JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
AuthorJohnson, M., R. Edwards, V. Berrueta, and O. Masera.
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Quantification of carbon savings from improved biomass cookstove Projects

JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
AuthorJohnson, M., Edwards, R., Ghilardi, A., Berrueta, V., Gillen, D., Frenk, C. A., Masera, O.
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Why current assessment methods may underestimate carbon savings of improved stoves

JournalBoiling Point
AuthorJohnson, M., R. Edwards, A. Ghilardi, V. Berrueta, O. Masera
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