Gambia, South Africa, Uganda: Technical Assessment of Cookstove Projects

Berkeley Air carried out a monitoring plan and delivered a technical assessment of how well cookstoves performed in homes for the World Bank Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA). Field studies included a gasifier stove project in The Gambia, a rocket stove project in South Africa, and biomass stoves project in Uganda. The primary stove performance indicators were indoor air pollution (IAP), fuel consumption, and stove usage. The field studies also provided qualitative measurements of stove use practices and preferences and perceived impacts on health and livelihood. The studies were also accompanied by standardized laboratory tests on stove emissions conducted at the United States Environmental Protection Agency and durability tests conducted at the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory at Colorado State University.

Banjul, The Gambia:
Potsdam, South Africa:
Kampala, Uganda: