Benin, India, Uganda: Cook Stove Field Testing, Training and Technical Assistance

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group and the United States Environmental Protection Agency in association with Winrock International conducted Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) Workshops and field campaigns in Uganda (Kampala) in July/August 2012, Benin (Cotonou) in July 2013, and India (Gujarat) in August 2013. The four to five day workshops covered motivation, theory, and execution of field-based stove testing, focusing on KPTs. The workshop was followed by a KPT and emissions field study. The KPTs assessed fuel consumption by cross-sectional design in Uganda and Benin and before-and-after design in India. The emissions study collected field data on CO2, CO, PM2.5, CH4, BC, and OC.

Cotonou, Benin:
Gujarat, India: