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Maximizing the benefits of improved cookstoves: moving from acquisition to correct and consistent use

JournalGlobal Health: Science and Practice
AuthorAnita Shankar, Michael Johnson, Ethan Kay, Raj Pannu, Theresa Beltramo, Elisa Derby, Stephen Harrell, Curt Davis, Helen Petach
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Final Report: Review of African Lessons for Scaling Up

AuthorPractical Action Consulting
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Evaluation of Manufactured Wood-Burning Stoves in Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya

AuthorDavid Pennise, Dana Charron, Todd Wofchuck, Jonathan Rouse, Anton Hunt
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Cambodia: Feasibility Assessment for Impact Evaluation of the New Lao Stove

Berkeley Air was funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to conduct a site visit and propose the approach for an evaluation of the charcoal-burning New Lao Stove’s impact on health, environmental and economic outcomes. Berkeley Air worked in collaboration Domrei Research and Consulting to provide technical and scientific inputs.

Madagascar: Ethanol as a Household Fuel

The World Bank contracted a consortium of organizations led by Practical Action Consulting to conduct a study in Madagascar to assess the potential economic, environmental, and health benefits of ethanol as a household fuel.