Emissions to Exposure: Modeling personal exposure based on emissions performance of stoves

The core focus of this project was to develop and assess modeling approaches to estimate personal exposure in Kenyan homes where household fuel combustion contributes substantially to household air pollution. The models to be developed, further refined, and validated for the project will be valuable tools for policy-makers and researchers. The single-zone model at the core of this proposal is already being used by ISO and the WHO to help inform sector stakeholders on projected air quality impacts and stove performance targets associated with those impacts. For example, the model is part of WHO’s Clean Household Energy Toolkit (CHEST) (http://www.who.int/airpollution/household/interventions/chest-module3/en/), which specifically aims to provide resources for countries and programs to develop or evaluate household energy policies. Assessing and improving the model’s performance will increase confidence in its current and future applications.