Projects | 2012 - ongoing

Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment

The Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment (PICA) is a robust, inexpensive sensor and software platform for collecting in-field stove performance data, including household air pollution, personal exposure, emissions, and stove usage. PICA makes field testing of stoves and other household energy devices more efficient, more accurate, more accessible, and therefore, more cost effective.

PICA - Flow - Outlined Text

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PICA’s capabilities include:

  • Launches PATS+ and stove use monitors (SUMs) (set the log interval, add reference notes, and choose a GPS location)
  • Downloads and provides interactive graphical representation of real time data, with PATS+ and SUMs data merged into a single file
  • Provides particle (PM2.5) concentration estimates based on internal lab-based calibration, with the option to include field-based calibration adjustments
  • Images multiple files and metrics on a single plot
  • Provides statistical analysis of data inside of PICA as well as in an Excel output file

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