Projects | 2012 - ongoing

Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment

Through funding from the Department of Energy Small Business Innovations Research, Berkeley Air is developing the “Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment” (PICA), a system for managing a suite of tools to collect stove performance data. PICA fills the need for a robust, inexpensive sensor and software platform for rapid in-field cookstove assessment. Stove performance indicators include household air pollution, personal exposure, emissions, and stove usage.

PICA - Flow - Outlined Text

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PICA is being designed to provide common launching and programming with customizable protocols, harmonize data forms/metrics, store datasets in one system, be flexible for other monitoring devices, and allow export of synchronized data. The core focus of PICA is instruments designed for stove design, project implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. These core PICA instruments include PATS+ and SUMS iButtons, which measure household air pollution (PM and CO) and stove usage. Having created pilot PICA software and improved SUMS algorithms in Phase I, Berkeley Air is now in Phase II, working towards a fully functional PICA product.