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Lao Clean Stove Initiative: Preparatory Work for Potential Health Results Based Financing

The Lao Clean Stove Initiative is part of the East Asia and Pacific Clean Stove Initiative (EAP CSI), a World Bank initiative under the Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy program (ASTAE) to improve access to clean cooking and heating stoves for poor, primarily rural households that will continue to rely on solid fuels in the future.

Rwanda: Project on Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves

Berkeley Air is providing consulting to Portland State University on designing and implementing health-based evaluations of cookstoves as well as on measuring household air pollution and exposure for a pilot on water treatment kits and improved cookstoves.

Assessing the Impact of Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves on Drinking Water Quality and Household Air Pollution: A Randomised Controlled Trial in Rwanda

AuthorGhislaine Rosa, Fiona Majorin, Sophie Boisson, Christina Barstow, Michael Johnson, Miles Kirby, Fidele Ngabo, Evan Thomas, Thomas Clasen
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Measurement and modeling of indoor air pollution in rural households with multiple stove interventions in Yunnan, China

JournalAtmospheric Environment
AuthorChowdhury, Z., Campanella, L., Gray, C., Al Masud, A., Marter-Kenyon, J., Pennise, D., Charron, D., Zuzhang, X.
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New approaches to performance testing for improved cookstoves

JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
AuthorJohnson, M., R. Edwards, V. Berrueta, and O. Masera.
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Design considerations for field studies of changes in indoor air pollution due to improved stoves

JournalEnergy for Sustainable Development
AuthorEdwards, R.D., A. Hubbard, A. Khalakdina, D. Pennise, K.R. Smith
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