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Quantifying the Climate, Air Quality, and Health Benefits of Improved Cookstoves: An Integrated Laboratory, Field, and Modeling Study

This study is a collaboration between Colorado State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Berkeley Air Monitoring Group under the EPA STAR Grant for “Measurements and Modeling for Quantifying Air Quality and Climatic Impacts of Residential Biomass or Coal Combustion for Cooking, Heating, and Lighting”.

Maximizing the benefits of improved cookstoves: moving from acquisition to correct and consistent use

JournalGlobal Health: Science and Practice
AuthorAnita Shankar, Michael Johnson, Ethan Kay, Raj Pannu, Theresa Beltramo, Elisa Derby, Stephen Harrell, Curt Davis, Helen Petach
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Inception Report: ACCES Quality Assurance and Technical Support

AuthorBerkeley Air Monitoring Group
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DRC, Senegal, Uganda: Quality Assurance and Technical Support

Berkeley Air is part of a consortium for the Quality Assurance and Technical Support (QA/TS) pillar of the African Clean Cooking Energy Solutions (ACCES) initiative, which is being implemented by the Africa Energy Group (AFTEG) of the the World Bank. The consortium’s aim is to provide a solid technical foundation on clean cooking technologies that provide real benefits to health and climate.

WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Household Fuel Consumption

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently developing the WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Household Fuel Combustion.

ISO Cookstove Standards and Guidelines

As a leading field monitoring and evaluation (M&E) firm, Berkeley Air has participated in working groups to improve and standardize cookstove M&E.

Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment

Through funding from the Department of Energy Small Business Innovations Research, Berkeley Air is developing the “Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment” (PICA), a system for managing a suite of tools to collect stove performance data.

Wireless Stove Use Monitoring

Berkeley Air is part of a research consortium funded by Vodafone Americas Foundation to develop a wireless Stove Use Monitoring System (SUMS).

Stove Performance Inventory Report

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves contracted Berkeley Air to create a database framework for a detailed inventory with the most relevant and accessible data for current stove performance.

Stove Performance Inventory Report

AuthorBerkeley Air Monitoring Group
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