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Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment

Through funding from the Department of Energy Small Business Innovations Research, Berkeley Air is developing the “Platform for Integrated Cookstove Assessment” (PICA), a system for managing a suite of tools to collect stove performance data.

Wireless Stove Use Monitoring

Berkeley Air is part of a research consortium funded by Vodafone Americas Foundation to develop a wireless Stove Use Monitoring System (SUMS).

A low-cost particle counter as a realtime fine-particle mass monitor

JournalEnviron. Sci.: Processes Impacts.
AuthorNorthcross, A.L., Edwards, R.J., Johnson, M., Wang, Z.-M., Zhu, K., Allen, T., and Smith, K.R.
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Modeling Indoor Air Pollution from cookstove emissions in developing countries using a Monte Carlo single-box model

JournalAtmospheric Environment
AuthorMichael Johnson, Nick Lam, Simone Brant, Christen Gray, David Pennise
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An inexpensive light-scattering particle monitor: field validation

JournalJournal of Environmental Monitoring
AuthorChowdhury, Z., R. Edwards, M. Johnson, K. Naumoff Shields, T. Allen, E. Canuz, and K. Smith
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Guidelines for Instrument Placement

AuthorBerkeley Air/CEIHD/UC Berkeley
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