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Uganda: Evaluation of Behavior Change Interventions

This project was funded by USAID under the Translating Research into Action (TRAction) agreement through prime recipient University Research Co., LLC (URC) in order to develop, test, and evaluate behavior change interventions to improve the uptake and correct use of the locally produced Top-Lit Updraft (TLUD) stove in Uganda.

Addressing Household Air Pollution: A Case Study in Rural Madagascar

JournalPolicy Research Working Paper
AuthorDasgupta, S., Martin, P., Samad, H.A.
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Measurement and modeling of indoor air pollution in rural households with multiple stove interventions in Yunnan, China

JournalAtmospheric Environment
AuthorChowdhury, Z., Campanella, L., Gray, C., Al Masud, A., Marter-Kenyon, J., Pennise, D., Charron, D., Zuzhang, X.
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Bangladesh Stove Trial: Fuel Efficiency and Usage

AuthorKirstie Jagoe, David Pennise, Dana Charron
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Gambia, South Africa, Uganda: Technical Assessment of Cookstove Projects

Berkeley Air carried out a monitoring plan and delivered a technical assessment of how well cookstoves performed in homes for the World Bank Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA).

Gambia: Gasifier Stove Baseline Monitoring

Berkeley Air produced a report summarizing data collected during the baseline monitoring campaign for a gasifier stove project, which is being implemented by Concern Universal in The Gambia with support from the Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa of The World Bank (BEIA).

Kenya: Monitoring and Evaluation of the Jiko Poa Cookstove

Berkeley Air was funded by USAID’s WASHplus Program to collaborate with FHI-360 and Winrock International to assess the performance of the Jiko Poa cookstove.

Kenya: Breathing Space Programme

Berkeley Air is partnering with the Shell Foundation to assess the real-word impact of its Breathing Space Programme (BSP), which is promoting a range of improved biomass stoves through its implementing partner Envirofit International.

Kitchen volume and ventilation rates in Southern India

AuthorBerkeley Air Monitoring Group
Date2009, 2010, 2011
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Modeling Indoor Air Pollution from Cookstove Emissions in Developing Countries Using a Monte Carlo Single-Box Model

Berkeley Air authored a peer-reviewed article on modeling indoor air pollution (IAP) from fuel/cookstove combinations using a Monte Carlo single-box model.