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Maximizing the benefits of improved cookstoves: moving from acquisition to correct and consistent use

JournalGlobal Health: Science and Practice
AuthorAnita Shankar, Michael Johnson, Ethan Kay, Raj Pannu, Theresa Beltramo, Elisa Derby, Stephen Harrell, Curt Davis, Helen Petach
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Kenya: Monitoring and Evaluation of the Jiko Poa Cookstove

Berkeley Air was funded by USAID’s WASHplus Program to collaborate with FHI-360 and Winrock International to assess the performance of the Jiko Poa cookstove.

India: Breathing Space Programme

Berkeley Air partnered with the Shell Foundation to assess the real-word impact of its Breathing Space Programme (BSP), which is promoting a range of improved biomass stoves through its implementing partner Envirofit International.

Madagascar: Ethanol as a Household Fuel

The World Bank contracted a consortium of organizations led by Practical Action Consulting to conduct a study in Madagascar to assess the potential economic, environmental, and health benefits of ethanol as a household fuel.

Poster: Monitoring & Evaluation of the Shell Foundation’s Breathing Space Programme in South India

AuthorBerkeley Air Monitoring Group
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Monitoring and Evaluation of the Jiko Poa Cookstove in Kenya

AuthorSimone Brant, David Pennise, Dana Charron, Erin Milner, Jaboc Kithinji
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Evaluating the Efficacy and Effectiveness of the EcoStove

AuthorDana Charron and John McCracken
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Nicaragua: Indoor Air Pollution and Exposure from Ecofogon

Berkeley Air researchers conducted a study in Ciudadela de San Martin, Nicaragua, to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of two models of the EcoStove (or Ecofogon) — one fully open and one semi-closed — in reducing indoor air pollution (IAP). Using a randomized stove intervention trial, we evaluated the influence of stove type on kitchen air pollution levels and women’s exposures to fine particulate matter.