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Honduras: Field Evaluation of Improved Plancha Stove

With funding from the Shell Foundation, Berkeley Air partnering with household energy researchers at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala to conduct a field evaluation of an improved plancha stove in Honduras.

Uganda: Emissions Training and Support

Berkeley Air has been contracted to provide training and technical support to CIRCODU on field emissions testing as part of The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove’s initiative for Enhancing Capacity of Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers.

Bangladesh: Stove Fuel Efficiency and Usage

Under the USAID-funded WASHplus project (primarily led by FHI-360 and Winrock International), Berkeley Air conducted two technical sub-studies to compare five improved wood-burning cookstoves to the traditional cookstove.

Benin, India, Uganda: Cook Stove Field Testing, Training and Technical Assistance

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group and the United States Environmental Protection Agency in association with Winrock International conducted Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) Workshops and field campaigns in Uganda (Kampala) in July/August 2012, Benin (Cotonou) in July 2013, and India (Gujarat) in August 2013.

Kenya, Vietnam, Uganda: Cookstove Emissions Performance Survey

Under the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), Berkeley Air began conducting the Cookstove Emissions Performance Survey: Assessments of Promising Technologies in Priority Countries (CEPS).

Bangladesh Stove Trial: Fuel Efficiency and Usage

AuthorKirstie Jagoe, David Pennise, Dana Charron
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Gambia, South Africa, Uganda: Technical Assessment of Cookstove Projects

Berkeley Air carried out a monitoring plan and delivered a technical assessment of how well cookstoves performed in homes for the World Bank Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA).

Household Light Makes Global Heat: High Black Carbon Emissions From Kerosene Wick Lamps

JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
AuthorLam, N., Chen, Y., Weyant, C., Venkataraman, C., Sadavarte, P., Johnson, M., Smith, K.R., Brem, B., Arineitwe, J., Ellis, J., Bond, T.
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Kenya: Breathing Space Programme

Berkeley Air is partnering with the Shell Foundation to assess the real-word impact of its Breathing Space Programme (BSP), which is promoting a range of improved biomass stoves through its implementing partner Envirofit International.

Modeling Indoor Air Pollution from Cookstove Emissions in Developing Countries Using a Monte Carlo Single-Box Model

Berkeley Air authored a peer-reviewed article on modeling indoor air pollution (IAP) from fuel/cookstove combinations using a Monte Carlo single-box model.