Lab Work

Berkeley Air provides independent, timely, and accurate performance data on cookstoves, fuels, lighting devices, and other household energy appliances used in the developing world. Laboratory testing is a critical building block for many sector initiatives, including commercial scale-up, ISO standards, national product labeling schemes, humanitarian initiatives, institutional procurement, and social investment.

Our testing facilities

Testing is conducted at the state-of-the-art stove testing facilities at Colorado State University, through the Household Energy and Health Center. All testers have been fully trained and adhere to strict quality and confidentiality guidelines. Data is collected using high quality, traceable instrumentation and rigorous quality control procedures.

General testing capabilities
  • Testing protocols include ISO, Water Boiling Test (version 4.2.3), or customized as desired.
  • Gravimetric system for collecting particulate matter with resolution that can distinguish performance at the highest levels.
  • Daily calibration checks of gas sensors and scales.
ISO testing capabilities
Performance metric and measurements capabilities
  • Black and organic carbon (BC/OC)
  • Ultrafine particles and particle size distribution
  • Hydrocarbons, including methane and other emissions species, as desired
  • Fuel energy and composition