Projects | 2012

Kenya: Monitoring and Evaluation of the Jiko Poa Cookstove

Berkeley Air was funded by USAID’s WASHplus Program to collaborate with FHI-360 and Winrock International to assess the performance of the Jiko Poa cookstove. The Jiko Poa is a locally manufactured rocket-type biomass cookstove being distributed by the Paradigm Project in Kenya. Measurements were collected before and after distribution of the Jiko Poa in 50 households to assess household air pollution, fuel use, behavior change, and socioeconomic impacts resulting from introduction of the Jiko Poa. The study components included temperature-based continuous stove use monitoring systems (SUMS), indoor air pollution (CO, PM2.5), and socioeconomic surveys.

Nyahururu, Kenya
Embu, Kenya